Spark up your interest in winter grilling

No, we're not mad, cooking outside in the cooler weather is great fun and will yield you some delicious results, you'll cook things you normally wouldn't and your friends will remember any party you throw.

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Grilling Top Tips

When you're heating up BBQs in the winter you want to leave them plenty of time to warm up! You want your grill warmed all the way through to make sure your food is properly heated all over.

Don't open the lid! Especially in winter, opening the lid to check your food is a cardinal BBQ sin. When you open the hood your grill loses most of it's heat right away.

Set timers and trust them, this way you don't need to check the food so often and you can nip inside if you get chilly.

Wear appropriate clothing, BBQing outside in the winter will get cold but it's so rewarding. Stand close to the grill for extra heat!

Grill Technical Breakdown

Napoleon Grills have more to them than the average grill. Lets break it down for you.

Charcoal vs Gas

In a nutshell, gas is much easier but some people prefer the old fashioned way. Gas feeds directly to modern burners, is very efficient and is easy to temperature control. Charcoal however will give you that classic BBQ feel and release you from the tyranny of the gas canister.

Propane vs Butane

Lets keep it simple. Most BBQs will take either propane or butane, but always check the regulator valve size. Most are propane now, but if you get the wrong valve it might not fit your BBQ and you'll have to get a different canister. A nightmare easily avoided!


Number of Burners

A burner is a heat source from which the grill cooks food. 2-6 burners is common, we recommend you go by this basic rule of thumb:

2 = 4-6 people

4 = 10-12 people

6 = 18-20 people

We'll leave it up to you how much headroom you think you need for parties...


Back Burners

There's the potential for the addition of a burner mounted into the back of your grill (facing in towards you). This gives you the option to fix a rotisserie pole on to the grill and cook large joints of meat or whole chickens! Definitely a feature to watch out for. With the added 'smoker' tray, you simply pull out a little tray on the front panel and slide in woodchips under the grill. Anything you rotisserie will take on the smoked flavor of the wood you used.

Back Burner

Side Burners

Many grills come with the option of a side burner which can double as a cooking space or workstation depending on the number of people you're cooking for. You can use this to keep food warm or just provide more cooking surface!

Side Burner

Ice Trays

You can even add an ice bucket to Napoleon grills to keep a bottle of wine or bubbly cold!



The higher end Napoleon grills come with backlit dials so you can see them in the dark, adding a premium look and feel to your grill.


We hoped you enjoyed this blog, take care and we'll see you next time!

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