Garden Snug


When it’s winter that doesn’t mean that the garden is out of order. Some of the best times I ever had were sat in the garden snug that my dad had built in his back garden.


Frosty nights with an ‘open-conservatory’ style setup on the patio, wicker rattan furniture slotted into the corners, a little wheelbarrow with a tiny miniature fairy village made out of small plants and fairy lights sat opposite next to a cast iron log burner.


Dimmed lighting, good company and a relaxed atmosphere snacking on some peanuts and chatting with some honey whiskey.


Here’s what made us forget about the cold and enjoy the outdoors without really going ‘outside’:



Garden Gazebo, Open Conservatory or Parasols - Avoid Rain


To build a snug you’ll need a set of parasols, a gazebo or a structure with some sort of roofing. You can’t get away from the rain in England.


There’s something about having a roof over your head that makes you feel cozy. You may already have a structure in your garden that you can take advantage of, some corrugated plastic attached to two timbers, with some sheets of tarpaulin attached securely can provide an impromptu conservatory on the patio that is not permanent so therefore does not need planning permission.


Utilise a ‘corner’ to take care of two ‘walls’ so you need not cover as much ground with your roofing.


 Garden Heating - Solution to Cold Hands and Feet!


To keep a garden space active in the winter you’re going to need some way to heat it. There are many options to heat a garden space, we’ve all huddled around a patio heater in the pub garden and enjoyed a couple of pints and the crisp outdoor air.


You can invest in a log burner or mount these handy infrared heaters. They give off little light but a whole lot of heat!


If you want to go the whole hog, why not try a Napoleon flame table? The beauty of your snug build is that you can go as big or small as you like…


Kettler Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture - Seating


You’re going to want some comfortable garden furniture to cuddle up on. Best to get something that can accommodate a few cushions and blankets!


We recommend garden wicker furniture as it suits the style of most snugs, it’s lightweight, easy to move and stress free to care for. In the winter you can store the cushions in your shed, outhouse, attic or similar, cover the wicker with a night cover to keep it from fading over time.


A respected brand for both quality and price point is Kettler Garden Furniture, available in many colors and styles, their lines are sure to fit whatever garden project you have in mind.


Be aware that in the winter the wind can get quite intense so make sure that you secure the furniture or move it to a place where the wind is unlikely to catch it.


mason jar lights

Garden Lighting Ideas - Contemporary and Simple Options


Some ambient mood lighting is essential to keeping your space looking warm and cozy. You’ll get some very dim light off an infrared heater but the old christmas lights or some yellow toned lighting will transform your space and make it feel much warmer than it actually is.


If you prefer to keep it simple, tealight candles inside glass mason jars create the perfect warm lighting, tie some string around the neck of the jar and hang them where ever you like!


Light up the Grill - Gas BBQs or Gourmet Grills


A BBQ in January might be considered lunacy by most, however the sweetest fruits are reserved for those who are not easily put off. Nothing beats quality hot food and roasted marshmallows around a warm grill in the winter. Your favorite food, drink and guests can enjoy some quality time around the grill no matter what the temperature!


We recommend Napoleon Gourmet Grills as the top end spec but really any BBQ can be lit up in the winter. Pick gas for efficiency and to avoid smoke filling your snug.

Blankets and Cushions


A snug wouldn’t be a snug without some blankets and cushions, the more the better, nothing beats hiding under a warm fluffy blanket to shield you from the elements. In combination with the heating and lighting your space is now open for business no matter the temperature outside